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Franic Sing! China Successfully Ends, Fortissimo of the Natural Skincare at the Bird’s Nest




         The Franic Sing! China of Zhejiang TV has been presented for three months. On 20:00 of the last night, the final was held at the Bird’s Nest (National Stadium). There were the sound mixer of Grammy, 5.1 surround sound effect, four directors and top-6 students, the songs were presented at the Bird’s Nest. The audience was so excited! With race of several rounds, Jiang Dunhao from Wang Feng Team won the first place and became the grand champion of the first Franic Sing! China!




          Mr. Hu Xingguo, President of Uniasia Group and founder of Franic Brand, declared the final score at the stage, granted award for Jiang Dunhao, the champion student, and expressed that “Franic, the independently innovated organic skincare brand, will continue to make efforts for sustainable innovation!”

          As an attractive and super variety show IP and the largest TV column named after a daily chemical brand in China, Sing! China has been presented for three months and bewww.qddcf.cne popular.




         Data shows that, on the first presentation day of Sing! China, the audience rating has reached the new record. For the first presentation of CSM52 urban group programs, the audience rating reached 3.843%, the market share was 12.72%, and the highest value of the first presentation of variety show in China was created. Afterward, the audience rating has been keeping the first place among those of the csm52 provincial TV evening programs on night of every Friday! For the final of Sing! China held at the Bird’s Nest and at last night, the average real-time audience rating of 3.59% kept the first place by great advantage, the market share was more than 20%. For the contest between Xiang Yang and Jiang Dunhao finally, the audience rating was more than 5.22%, and the market share was more than 30%!




          The audience rating of Sing! China has kept the first place stably, which promotes the creative brand Franic to be www.qddcf.cnmunicated at a new peak. In this summer, Franic rose bud lotion has bewww.qddcf.cne the popular image speaker of the natural skincare. By virtue of Sing! China, online and offline links are conducted for Franic. For online, many transactions are conducted via Taobao. For offline, the star student tour meet-and-greets are conducted. The national large promotion activity with the theme of “Sing! China, benefit for you” is carried out, with the innovative form and posture, all of people in China are invited to enjoy the feast of the original music and enjoy the organic beauty jointly!




           Dream is presented, the winner www.qddcf.cnes! “New song” of natural skincare of Franic shows the momentum of the winner, and gives the glorious voice of the first brand of natural skincare! The champion product cooperates with the champion variety show to form a strong alliance, to promote the fashion of healthy skincare among the people. The dream will be presented confidently, the fragrance of rose bud lotion will emit around each people loving beauty. The first season of Franic Sing! China has successfully ended, the new stage of Franic natural skincare just is opened. At the new starting point and for new future, with Franic rose bud lotion, your dream may have opportunity to be realized!